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All You Need to Know About going on Safari in 2021

Going on safari always has and will always be a top choice for any vacation.  

There is little that beats the excitement of travelling to Africa for an authentic South African safari.  

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many dreams that were almost a reality became dreams again.  But going on safari has not changed much.  

What do you need to know about your safari experience in 2021 :

The Bush is still the bush

Being out in nature is one of the best places to be with the COVID-19 virus lurking around.  Wide-open spaces and fresh air is just what the doctor has ordered.  

While most of the world was in lockdown and unable to leave their homes, nature just continued to be her fantastic self.  Wildlife went on their merry way each day, the rains came, and the grass grew. 

Now that you can travel again, mother nature can once again showcase her wonders and welcome visitors.  

The bush is still as it was before travel came to a halt.  It might even be a little better as it has had some time to recover and revive itself. 

Everyone needs a little break now and then.  Going on Safari in 2021 might be one of the best years to do so.

There are some changes

With life-changing events, there is a ripple effect that filters through – but if there is a will, there is a way.  

With the outbreak of Covid-19, it was no different.  Once the ways of spreading the virus were determined, safari lodges were able to adapt and again welcome guests.

In general, once at the safari lodge, you do not have much contact with other guests.  You will enjoy meals and activities together, but you would either enjoy some time around the pool or in the comfort of your room during the rest of your stay.

At some lodges, meals are served in a family-style.  Therefore you will be seated at one table with the other guests in the lodge, and you can help yourself to dishes served in a buffet style.  

Now guests travelling together can be seated together and tables spaced out.  Meals are served to the table, rather than buffet style where possible private dinners in the suite is also an option.

The number of guests per safari is limited to allow for efficient distancing.  Again you might only be exploring with your travelling companions.

But not all change is bad.  While on safari, you can connect with nature and reconnect with your loved ones -spending more time together.

Maybe a little closer to home

International travels might still have some bumps in the road, but a safari would still be possible.  

The Entabeni Game Reserve, situated in Limpopo, is only 90 minutes from Polokwane and 2 hours from Pretoria.  This is ideal for a quick weekend getaway or even a more extended break.  The reserve is home to the Big Five and offers traversing on diverse eco-systems and breathtaking mountains as a backdrop.  

You have the choice of either Wildlife Tented Camp, which offer a great view of the watering hole, or Hanglip Mountain Lodge, which offers amazing views over the wetlands, vast open plains and the Hanglip Mountain.

While at either lodge, you can enjoy game drives, nature walks, quad biking, archery and view the starlight night sky.  

Although a little further from each other, with your mask intact, you would still be able to enjoy your safari to the fullest.  Don’t wait another year before you want your African safari.  Make 2021 your year for safari.


What are five things to pack for your Entabeni Safari?

So you have booked your holiday and coming on a South African safari and stopping at Entabeni for a few nights. 

Months of planning has gone into your travel plans. You are almost on route to Limpopo in South Africa, where you will encounter the Big Five in a 22,000-hectare Game Reserve. 

But before getting on the plane and arriving in South Africa, there are a few things you will need to pack before embarking on a wildlife adventure. 

NOTE: Keep it simple. Keep it light and don’t overthink it. 

The right clothes and toiletries

Packing the right clothes are essential when going on a safari. If you are travelling by small aircraft then a weight restriction will be compulsory, so best keep to 20kgs max, unless told otherwise by your trusted travel advisor. Be sure to check. 

For most travellers, safari usually looks like a warm sunny holiday, but the evenings and early mornings can be rather chilly, so it is essential to have the correct attire. Keep away from bright colours and note that most safari lodges included same-day laundry service. 

Layering is essential when dressing for safari. We recommend you dress for cold, chilly mornings, and as the sun rises over the African Sky, you can start delayering as the temperature rises. Same goes for evenings. Comfortable clothes are most practical with a good set of sneakers/hiking boots, shorts and shirts. Popular quick-drying fabrics with ventilation and pants that convert to shorts are great clothing item. Be sure to bring a hat and swimming costume for those sunny afternoons. 


Is a Safari a safe travel option for 2021?

Admittedly 2020 was a challenging year for the world, and it was quite a shock when everything came to a global standstill. But with that in the past and with the knowledge that has been gained, we can put that behind and look forward to a new year with hopefully many travels to look forward to. 

First and foremost, you can Discover Africa the best by doing an authentic safari, and Africa is the place to be. A safari will take the top spot for being the safest post corona holiday. 

Our traveller safety is our top priority, and we would like to ensure your peace of mind before you decide to lock down your trip. 

Intrigued, but cautious?

If you have been thinking about an African safari or started planning, but put your plans on hold due to the pandemic, we understand that. However, to note that this too shall pass. With hopeful predictions of a vaccine being made available soon. 

Planning a safari is an already daunting task, but it is worth mentioning the best trips are planned well ahead of time. Currently, safari deals are going at incredible deals with great benefits such as the exchange rate favouring most international travellers. Thus, there has not been a better time to book. 

Further relaxed term and conditions have been made available to ensure you are covered in postponing your trip if travel is halted due to a covid related incident. Secondly, some lodges have to cut capacity with social distancing regulations, leading to an even more private, secluded safari experience. Another added benefit!

The cherry on top is that your input and safari travel option will directly impact the local communities and wildlife. There is a tremendous effort to protect wildlife, conservation habits and providing work, whilst educating children across the vast African continent. 

Are people currently on safari?

Oh yes! Very much indeed – there are already a significant number of travellers on safari, planning to be here soon and in the future. 

Africa’s current stance is that most destinations are open for all travel, except for specific internal restrictions. At the forefront of it all,  tourists have been travelling to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and South Africa since the last few months of 2020.


Where to see the Big Five?

Seeing the Big five is part of many people’s bucket lists! Seeing the Big five is what many travellers hope to achieve on their safari vacations – so it is vital to know where you can see the Big five when planning your next African Safari.

The Kruger Safari area is one of the best places to see the Big five due to the abundance of animals and the perfect landscape.

What are the Big Five?

Often thought to be a list of the most feared animals,  the Big five are the most difficult animals to hunt by foot as coined by big-game hunters. This term is now used widely by tour operators and safari guides as well, as these animals are often more challenging to find.

The five animals in the Big 5 group are:

The hardest of the 5 to see is often the Rhino and the Leopard but does depend on the area. Your guide will be able to advise you on the best time to see them and where to look. These trained professionals often know the animal’s movements and can help you track them down.

Entabeni Hospitality

With the Kruger area being the best place to go in South Africa to see the Big five and with so many different lodges to choose from whilst in the Kruger – the question is – which lodge should you choose?

Entabeni Hospitality is a great option to see the Big five while doing it in comfort and style. With their top-class facilities, golf course and beautiful reserve – you cannot choose a better place to relax and recharge.

Now is a better time than ever to see the Big five on your bucket list trip to South Africa. With low prices and cheap flights, it is time to take advantage of these specials.

Exploring Entabeni Game Reserve

Less than a three-hour drive north of Johannesburg and Pretoria, the scenic 22 000 ha ​malaria-free​, Big five Entabeni Game Reserve is waiting for you to discover.

If you are looking for the perfect weekend safari getaway destination in the African bush, spent with family and friends – Entabeni Game Reserve should be top of your list.

Why not extend your African safari experience and include aKruger safar​i in your Entabeni safari experience – getting the best of both worlds.

More about Entabeni Game Reserve

Entabeni Game Reserve is a private game reserve located within the Limpopo Province of South Africa in the game-rich Welgevonden area. The reserve offers a Big five safari experience and is situated in a malaria-free​ area.

The reserve offers visitors a variety of landscapes, each of which is home to a variety of wildlife – experience ravines wide open plains, dense bushveld and forested hills all in one day spent at the reserve.

Getting to Entabeni

As mentioned, Entabeni Game Reserve is a mere three-hour drive from Johannesburg – quick and easy for a mid-week break or weekend getaway.

This renowned safari destination can also be reached by air – a quick 35-minute flight from Johannesburg Airport. Guests can quickly arrive on a morning flight and be at the game reserve by lunchtime or early afternoon – enjoying your first-afternoon game drive.

Where can you stay?

You have the option of choosing from a few lodges – ranging from budget to luxurious accommodation – the choice is yours!

I would recommend the below two lodges – which are worth mentioning.

Wildside Safari Camp

An authentic African safari experience awaits you at Wildside Safari Camp – offering comfortable family-friendly accommodation.

The area features magnificent waterfalls and crystal-clear mountain pools and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

The lodge offers guests comfortable accommodation in tented chalets including four tented family chalets – making for an ideal family safari getaway.

With exceptional views of the watering hole – stay close to nature and enjoy traditional South African hospitality at its best.

Total number of rooms – 20

What will you experience at Wildside Safari Camp?

Enjoy guided game drives, and bush walks with qualified rangers or explore the area on horseback or quad bikes.

Game drives offer guests the chance to encounter lion, rhino and elephant. The ever-elusive leopard can also be seen – if you are lucky.

Dining in the restaurant is an informal affair, where everyone becomes friends. The Boma is used for special evening meals around the o9pen fire, while the pool area is ideal for light lunches.

Children of any age are welcome at the lodge.

Hanglip Mountain Lodge

This lodge has a beautiful setting with views stretching over the lake and plains to the drastic Hanglip Mountains. The lodge evokes the romantic Africa of yesteryear and offers Big five game viewing in the Waterberg region.

The ten luxury en-suite thatched suites each have their own lounge areas with a romantic fireplace as well as private sun decks – the ideal setting for a romantic getaway.

This secluded lodge is refreshingly alluring with its unique blend of luxury and true African wilderness.

Total number of rooms – 10

What will you experience at Hanglip Mountain Lodge?

Activities at Entabeni Hanglip Mountain Lodge include twice-daily game drives in open game 4×4 vehicles, guided nature walks, horse riding, moonlit boma dinners, picnic lunches and bush sundowners. Additional activities at Entabeni Hanglip Mountain Lodge include helicopter flips and hot air ballooning in the early morning light which is an extraordinary activity. A visit to the Pedi cultural village can also be arranged at Entabeni Hanglip Mountain Lodge.

The lodge offers fine dining in the restaurant as well as in the garden or the boma. Various outside venues are available for a traditional braai, picnic or for that special meal in nature.

Children of any age are welcome at the lodge.

Please note

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed on game drives for safety reasons. Depending on the number of children staying at the lodge – special game drives for children can be arranged. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to participate in bush walks.

Look no further on where you would like to spend your next weekend getaway. Entabeni Game Reserve should be top of your list – pack the car, roll down the windows and enjoy a road-trip with the kids and extended to family to the malaria-free Entabeni Game Reserve – where you will enjoy the true African bush.

The perfect African Safari

When we think of a relaxing vacation, we think of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When we think of a social distancing vacation, we think of getting away from busy places like cities. So where should you go?


Well, there is one place that promotes social distancing and will help you relax. That place is a safari! And an African safari is like no other! With magnificent wildlife and luxury accommodation, you could not ask for more! 


But what if I get sick?

With COVID19 still around, your fears are not unheard. But with lodges like Entabeni taking every precaution to make sure you are safe. This includes room sanitation, staff and guest screening, temperature monitoring, gloves being used, sanitation stations set up all around the property, masks being worn at all times, and social distancing observed. 


Apart from that, South Africa has some top quality private hospitals that are equipped to treat you should that happen. Although, with the strict requirements for travelers to enter the country and the low infection rate around South Africa, there is a meager chance. 


Where should I go on my African Safari?

With so many places to choose from, it can often seem overwhelming. The Limpopo area is known for its wildlife as it hosts part of the famous Kruger National Park. But if you want something different, why not try Entabeni reserve. 


The reserve is only 2 hours from Pretoria and has breathtaking views of the mountains. The 22 000 hectare reserve has the Big 5 as well as a resort, luxury lodges and even a golf course! 


What experiences can I have?

Experiences are what build memories! 


So you want to make sure that you include some unique experiences on your trip! And Entabeni is not short of experiences! Here are a few:



An African Safari is a great way to explore and stay safe! And with Entabeni in South Africa, you can have all of that! Book your trip now while the prices are still low!

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