All You Need to Know About going on Safari in 2021

Going on safari always has and will always be a top choice for any vacation.  

There is little that beats the excitement of travelling to Africa for an authentic South African safari.  

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, many dreams that were almost a reality became dreams again.  But going on safari has not changed much.  

What do you need to know about your safari experience in 2021 :

The Bush is still the bush

Being out in nature is one of the best places to be with the COVID-19 virus lurking around.  Wide-open spaces and fresh air is just what the doctor has ordered.  

While most of the world was in lockdown and unable to leave their homes, nature just continued to be her fantastic self.  Wildlife went on their merry way each day, the rains came, and the grass grew. 

Now that you can travel again, mother nature can once again showcase her wonders and welcome visitors.  

The bush is still as it was before travel came to a halt.  It might even be a little better as it has had some time to recover and revive itself. 

Everyone needs a little break now and then.  Going on Safari in 2021 might be one of the best years to do so.

There are some changes

With life-changing events, there is a ripple effect that filters through – but if there is a will, there is a way.  

With the outbreak of Covid-19, it was no different.  Once the ways of spreading the virus were determined, safari lodges were able to adapt and again welcome guests.

In general, once at the safari lodge, you do not have much contact with other guests.  You will enjoy meals and activities together, but you would either enjoy some time around the pool or in the comfort of your room during the rest of your stay.

At some lodges, meals are served in a family-style.  Therefore you will be seated at one table with the other guests in the lodge, and you can help yourself to dishes served in a buffet style.  

Now guests travelling together can be seated together and tables spaced out.  Meals are served to the table, rather than buffet style where possible private dinners in the suite is also an option.

The number of guests per safari is limited to allow for efficient distancing.  Again you might only be exploring with your travelling companions.

But not all change is bad.  While on safari, you can connect with nature and reconnect with your loved ones -spending more time together.

Maybe a little closer to home

International travels might still have some bumps in the road, but a safari would still be possible.  

The Entabeni Game Reserve, situated in Limpopo, is only 90 minutes from Polokwane and 2 hours from Pretoria.  This is ideal for a quick weekend getaway or even a more extended break.  The reserve is home to the Big Five and offers traversing on diverse eco-systems and breathtaking mountains as a backdrop.  

You have the choice of either Wildlife Tented Camp, which offer a great view of the watering hole, or Hanglip Mountain Lodge, which offers amazing views over the wetlands, vast open plains and the Hanglip Mountain.

While at either lodge, you can enjoy game drives, nature walks, quad biking, archery and view the starlight night sky.  

Although a little further from each other, with your mask intact, you would still be able to enjoy your safari to the fullest.  Don’t wait another year before you want your African safari.  Make 2021 your year for safari.


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