Is a Safari a safe travel option for 2021?

Admittedly 2020 was a challenging year for the world, and it was quite a shock when everything came to a global standstill. But with that in the past and with the knowledge that has been gained, we can put that behind and look forward to a new year with hopefully many travels to look forward to. 

First and foremost, you can Discover Africa the best by doing an authentic safari, and Africa is the place to be. A safari will take the top spot for being the safest post corona holiday. 

Our traveller safety is our top priority, and we would like to ensure your peace of mind before you decide to lock down your trip. 

Intrigued, but cautious?

If you have been thinking about an African safari or started planning, but put your plans on hold due to the pandemic, we understand that. However, to note that this too shall pass. With hopeful predictions of a vaccine being made available soon. 

Planning a safari is an already daunting task, but it is worth mentioning the best trips are planned well ahead of time. Currently, safari deals are going at incredible deals with great benefits such as the exchange rate favouring most international travellers. Thus, there has not been a better time to book. 

Further relaxed term and conditions have been made available to ensure you are covered in postponing your trip if travel is halted due to a covid related incident. Secondly, some lodges have to cut capacity with social distancing regulations, leading to an even more private, secluded safari experience. Another added benefit!

The cherry on top is that your input and safari travel option will directly impact the local communities and wildlife. There is a tremendous effort to protect wildlife, conservation habits and providing work, whilst educating children across the vast African continent. 

Are people currently on safari?

Oh yes! Very much indeed – there are already a significant number of travellers on safari, planning to be here soon and in the future. 

Africa’s current stance is that most destinations are open for all travel, except for specific internal restrictions. At the forefront of it all,  tourists have been travelling to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and South Africa since the last few months of 2020.


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