The perfect African Safari

When we think of a relaxing vacation, we think of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When we think of a social distancing vacation, we think of getting away from busy places like cities. So where should you go?


Well, there is one place that promotes social distancing and will help you relax. That place is a safari! And an African safari is like no other! With magnificent wildlife and luxury accommodation, you could not ask for more! 


But what if I get sick?

With COVID19 still around, your fears are not unheard. But with lodges like Entabeni taking every precaution to make sure you are safe. This includes room sanitation, staff and guest screening, temperature monitoring, gloves being used, sanitation stations set up all around the property, masks being worn at all times, and social distancing observed. 


Apart from that, South Africa has some top quality private hospitals that are equipped to treat you should that happen. Although, with the strict requirements for travelers to enter the country and the low infection rate around South Africa, there is a meager chance. 


Where should I go on my African Safari?

With so many places to choose from, it can often seem overwhelming. The Limpopo area is known for its wildlife as it hosts part of the famous Kruger National Park. But if you want something different, why not try Entabeni reserve. 


The reserve is only 2 hours from Pretoria and has breathtaking views of the mountains. The 22 000 hectare reserve has the Big 5 as well as a resort, luxury lodges and even a golf course! 


What experiences can I have?

Experiences are what build memories! 


So you want to make sure that you include some unique experiences on your trip! And Entabeni is not short of experiences! Here are a few:


  • Game Drivse – The Game drives allows guests to catch a glimpse of the Big 5 around dusk/ dawn. These drives are great to get close to the animals with a professional guide!
  • Bush Walk – If a drive isn’t close enough, then how about a walk? Bushwalks allow you to see the animals and other parts of nature, from specific plants and footprints left by animals.
  • Quad Biking – A bit of fun for those who like an adventure! Take a guided quad bike ride through parts of the reserve. 
  • Archery – See how good you are at archery! 
  • Spa – This is the best place to relax. Be it a massage or facial to help you feel re-energized. 
  • Star Gazing – away from the city, the stars are brighter! Take advantage with a guide who can point out the stars and constellations.


An African Safari is a great way to explore and stay safe! And with Entabeni in South Africa, you can have all of that! Book your trip now while the prices are still low!

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